About Sheep HQ

Photo of Dr Tim Gole

Welcome to Sheep HQ! 

Sheep HQ is owned and managed by Dr Tim Gole BVSc MANZCVS (Sheep Medicine). Tim has worked as a Vet from Coonamble to Cloncurry, England, Scotland and 7 years as the managing partner of the Western Rivers Veterinary Group - Warren and Nyngan NSW. In 2020 Tim opened For Flocks Sake, a novel model for sheep producers focusing on Health, Genetics and Data. In 2022, Tim has expanded his For Flocks Sake business and formed the Sheep HQ team.

Based in Dubbo, New South Wales Sheep HQ is here to help bring more farmers better access to veterinary products for your sheep health needs. We are continuing to look at new ways to service progressive sheep producers better. A problem we have heard is getting good product advice and accessibility to medications such as pain relief products. Our Solution: Sheep HQ. We have developed an online sales portal for clients to allow us to offer a greater number of products and increase the ease of ordering.

We have a dream of operating a commercial research farm within central West. Our dream is that this farm – funded by profits generated from Sheep HQ will allow us to show case, best practice, new innovation and client driven research projects. But most importantly our dream is to provide an education and training facility where your staff can come and learn best practice skills and knowledge to take care of your sheep and drive your business.

Get in contact today to create an account, discuss your sheep operation and order veterinary products for your sheep health needs.

We are available to meet in person, click and collect and can also arrange preferred courier to your local town.