How Metacam works

Author: Tim Gole  Date Posted: 27 May 2022 

A blog post about metacam for use at lamb marking

What are the types of pain?

There are two types of pain generally:

  1. Fast Pain - that sharp pain say when you tough a hot plate and burn yourself. This is the damage response mechanism. This is where anaesthetics work think "local" Lasts up to an hour
  2. Slow pain - The throbing on your finger after it's burnt - this is the inflammatory phase of pain . This is where analgesics work - think "Nurofen " This can last for days

Basically – Metacam acts to mitigate and minimise the inflammation and damage caused by an injury to tissue. Kind of like dousing the flames of inflammation.

By doing this it manages the pain associated. Think of taking Neurofen for a sore knee. Meloxicom the active in Metacam is in the same family as human anti-inflammatories like nurofen

So basically, any time we have inflammation and pain we can use it. This includes Lamb and calf marking, pink eye, foot abscess, fly strike, lameness, shearing cuts, bad lambing or calving issues etc etc. We think that Metacam should be a must in the sheep and cattle producers tool box – 1 drug can help for so many situations and lasts 3 days.

One injection given under the skin in the cradle at lamb marking will act of all sites of pain and inflammation.

Metacam takes about 15 minutes to kick in and lasts 3 days. For that reason some producers who want to best use a local anesthetic product like numnuts at the same time. This gives a short lasting but faster acting pain relief as well.


1, Better for our animals

2. Better for us humans knowing we are taking the best care of our animals

Available as 100ml or 250ml bottles. Can be used in cattle as well or there is a strong cattle version. Gun included in first shipment